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McAfee ePO and Solution’s Health Check

Important reminder this time of the year.

A health check gives you an opportunity to review your current cybersecurity posture, reduce your attack surface, and capture some payloads and techniques that hadn’t been identified earlier. The checkup covers the McAfee ePO console, associated ePO managed point products such as components and Virus scan (VSE) or Endpoint Security (ENS).

The key tasks performed during the check include the following:

  • Identification of missing ePO patches/updates/hotfixes
  • ePO architecture and functionality review
  • Server and PC endpoint security policies review
  • Point product Policy and function updates review
  • Policy inheritance review
  • ePO server tasks and automation review
  • Document repositories and update infrastructure

In addition, you will get a complete review of your existing ePO deployment, defined best practices for comprehensive endpointsecurity, complete documentation of your ePO configuration, and identification of any pain points or non-functioning features.

Following the checkup, you will receive a detailed report to help you understand your current state of your endpoint security program and your go-forward recommendations. The report will identify potentially risky applications and anonymizers, malware downloads, malicious sites and bot-net activity, vulnerability exploits (IPS), with a set of remediation recommendations.

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