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Don’t get caught with your apps down.

Even the most buttoned-up cybersecurity systems can be undone by a single application flaw and many have been. (remember WannaCry?) Zero-day vulnerabilities, difficult to detect and easy to exploit, provide hackers with hidden back doors into devices and networks, where they can hijack data, rewrite code, or just lurk in systems unnoticed sometimes for years.

The results can be devastating, especially for businesses, with customers, clients, and bottom lines to guard.

We are well aware of the threats outside applications can pose to your internal networks. Our team of information security experts provides thorough frequent security screening of all your web and mobile apps. We scan for intruders and weaknesses and repair holes to keep cyber criminals from slipping through your defenses. SQL injections, cross-site scripting, exploits, redirects: we root out and repair anomalies to prevent damage to you and your business.

And because even the most conscientious developers make mistakes, we offer a screening of your in-house applications, both in-development and already in use.

Did you know that:

  • 75% of financial institutions place high-critical priority on application security.
  • Only 69% of application security teams have an applications background.
  • Nearly every institute has secure coding standards and guidelines.
  • However, most teams cannot validate conformity to these standards.

Ascent InfoSec’s application security services include:

  • Whitebox security review and Blackbox security audit
  • Design review and threat model before coding starts.
  • Automated tools for testing security flaws

Protect yourself proactively from the next application exploit with Ascent InfoSec’s application security screening services.
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