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Is it time for your comprehensive health check?

Your information security portfolio is unique to your business. “One size fits all” approach to management wouldn’t be right. Many customers simply install and run this security software hoping for the best. But cybercriminals are very familiar with that behavior and can easily work around those barriers. Your enterprise security systems must be properly configured, connected, and tuned to work in tandem to providing your network with full coverage, quality, and actionable security alerts.

Ascent InfoSec’s expert teams will scan your network for vulnerabilities, functionality, and the latest updates. We’ll also provide a detailed diagnostic report on your network’s health with an action plan for improving your security posture including additions, patches, maintenance, and updates.

Our team will review:

  • Audit and error-file logs
  • Client and server automated tasks
  • Critical system threats
  • Systems communication and compliance
  • Proper reporting practices and whether they are being met
  • Neglected features
  • Product documentation with updates as needed
  • Patches, hotfixes, and versions with updates as needed
  • Policy content, engines, and DAT with updates as needed

If your security systems are not operating as they should, or if you simply haven’t maintained or tuned your systems lately, it may be time for some cybersecurity TLC.

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