Microsoft confirms DDoS attacks caused recent Azure outages

Microsoft DDoS attacks caused Azure outages

Following a string of outages affecting Azure services, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the cause behind these disruptions was Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. The company’s acknowledgment comes in response to the incidents that resulted in the unavailability of Azure services. Given Microsoft’s prominent position as a leader in Cloud services, the second-largest company on planet Read More »

What is Identity and Access Management and How Does it Work?

IAM Introduction

IAM Introduction Identity and Access Management is a set of processes, policies, and technologies that organizations use to manage and secure digital identities and control access to resources. It involves the creation, management, and deletion of digital identities and the management of user access to resources such as applications, data, and systems. IAM helps organizations Read More »

Security, Identity, and Compliance on AWS

AWS Security

Security, Identity, and Compliance on AWS Security is one of the critical concerns for all companies considering or already leveraging cloud. It could be an enterprise, a small/medium-sized business, or a startup company, and we all worry about the safety and security of our data. Security at AWS is job zero for every tenant, and Read More »

Implementation of Enterprise Identity and Access Management Solution

Implementation of Enterprise Identity and Access Management Solution

Our Implementation Methodology 1. Define the Vision for Enterprise Identity and Access Management Understanding Identity and Access Management (IAM) as a combination of technology solutions and business processes to manage identities and access corporate data and applications, is a critical foundation for successful IAM implementation. Beginning with the concept stage, commence by tying business processes Read More »

Firewall Management Maturity Process

Firewall Management Maturity Process

Firewall Management Maturity Stage 1: Basic Firewall Management A firewall comes with base configuration instructions that provide some level of immediate protection. The firewall remains one of the key components of any company’s security approach and should be configured to take full advantage of all its functionality. Firewalls, out of the box, come with the Read More »

Web Application Firewall – An introduction

Web Application Firewall

What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? A Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps protect web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between a web application and the Internet traffic and by blocking bad HTTP traffic, malicious web service requests, and automated botnets attack. By inspecting the traffic, it can prevent attacks exploiting a web Read More »

Office365 Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Office 365 is a major and the most widely used email platform for small businesses to large enterprises and government alike. From most metrics, 83-87% of cyber threats involve an email as a primary delivery method. It is obvious that your cybersecurity initiatives should include email protection along with the traditional protection of your Read More »

Educational Institutes are increasingly becoming the targets of cybercrimes

When the Public Sector IT leadership is taking a stand against paying ransom, the attacks have changed to steal money, instead of holding hostage. Even though Backup is essential and a lot of value against cyber-crimes, it cannot be the primary (or only) protection against cybercrimes. It is one of the tools in the arsenal Read More »

MSPs continue to suffer Ransomware attacks

MSPs continue to suffer Ransomware attacks

The trend of attacking Managed IT Service Providers is continuing. An MSP paid hackers about $150,000 to unlock data Hackers specifically targeting MSP software platforms to launch ransomware attacks Ryuk ransomware hitting a Cloud Service Provider that works closely with MSPs. Hackers have been hitting MSPs of all sizes — not just global technology service Read More »

Microsoft to roll out free software to guard the U.S. voting machines

Microsoft to roll out free software to guard the U.S. voting machines

Microsoft announced that it would give away software designed to improve the security of US voting machines, even as said to have tracked 781 cyberattacks by foreign adversaries targeting political organizations so far this election cycle. The company said it was rolling out the free, open-source software product called ElectionGuard, which it said uses encryption Read More »