MSSP: Creative solution to cybersecurity concern

Most IT security professionals believe an industry-wide skills gap is forcing organizations to explore creative solutions to address cybersecurity concerns, according to a survey conducted by Tripwire and Dimensional Research.

The survey of 315 IT security professionals revealed:

  • 93 percent of respondents said that they are concerned about an industry-wide skills gap.
  • 81 percent stated that the skills required to be a “great” security staff have changed.
  • 72 percent said that it is getting difficult to hire adequately skilled security personnel.
  • 96 percent believe that automation will help in solving the skills gap in the future.

Most importantly, 88 percent believe that managed services would add immense value in solving the skills gap problem.

According to Tim Erlin at Tripwire, “Security teams shouldn’t overburden themselves by trying to do everything on their own. They can partner with trusted vendors for managed services or subscribe to service plans where outside experts can act as an extension of the team.”

Spending on cybersecurity products and services is expected to exceed $1 trillion globally in 4 years, according to cybercrime research. Meanwhile, as organizations search for ways to minimize cyber threats, they are increasingly relying on MSSPs for support.

Disclaimer: Ascent InfoSec, a division of Ascent Innovations LLC, is not affiliated with Tripwire or Dimensional Research.


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Author: Abdul Hafiz

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