Q3 Threats Report from McAfee Labs

Cyberthreats and security incidents continue to claim the top headlines, keeping cybersecurity the top topic in our minds.

The McAfee® Labs Threats Report: September 2017 takes a look back at WannaCry, its impact, and how it exploited not only technical vulnerabilities, but business processes.

Additionally, report looks at how threat hunting is performed in organizations today—including the use of human and artificial intelligence. Pragmatic ways to use indicators of compromise to protect better.

Find some commentary on the rise of script-based malware—usage, mechanics, and factors of growth.

Key Topics

  • I don’t Wannacry no more: Perpetrator motives and business impact
  • Threat hunting like a pro: Advice and recommendations
  • The rise of script-based malware: Why, how, and what’s next

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